We specialize in providing services to SMBs across a range of industries.

Business Challenge | Office Efficiency

Our clients place office efficiency as one of the top reasons they engage our services. Telluy specializes in providing IT infrastructure and support services that increase computer usage efficiency and reduce downtime. We work in real time to solve user issues.

Technical Challenge | Strategic Technology

Telluy provides growth paths that position SMBs with access to Fortune 500-grade technology. Key areas of interest include Cloud usage enablement and remote computing capabilities. We understand that strategic technology usage must be matched to ROI.

Telluy’s Engineering sector clients are  often focused on high-speed file sharing.

Engineering Sector | Business Experience

Telluy provides support services to 125 end users within an Electrical Engineering firm that specializes in the installation of control systems. We are invited to join executive meetings to present CIO-level perspectives and help guide executives through the analysis of advanced technology usage.

Engineering Sector | Technical Experience

In addition to a full range of IT support services, we enable high-speed file transfer between the firm and their clients. To replace use of Dropbox in the Cloud, Telluy implemented a localized computing infrastructure that supports high-speed transfer of large files. We provide ongoing management of this on-premise system.

Our Construction sector clients often  have field device computing needs.

Construction Sector | Business Experience

In a project with a construction services company, Telluy delivered an IT infrastructure solution to better enable field device usage and information sharing. The rapid exchange of large drawings and PDF files is a key area of focus. Telluy technologists have become experts in the firm’s line of business.

Construction Sector | Technical Experience

Telluy’s project services include IT asset management. We focus on improving device usage and security. Support for specialized printers is a key area of contribution. Field devices are configured to transfer live data that is secure and encrypted. End users are trained in overall computer usage security.

Telluy Financial Services sector clients  count on us to keep their information secure.

Financial Services | Business Experience

In our work with this financial services firm, we first had to understand the regulatory environments within which our client operates. Our areas of expertise include Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). We help to ensure our client’s computer operations meet ongoing security standards.

Financial Services | Technical Experience

In addition to our (Managed Service Provider) IT Support Services, our technical team worked with sensitive data stored on servers that did not meet security standards. The data was potentially vulnerable. We moved this client to a secure, hosted file system that met FINRA compliance.

Our Professional Services sector clients have asked us to integrate their billing software.

Professional Services | Business Experience

Working with professional services firms often means we are engaged with timekeeping and invoicing software solutions. Telluy steps beyond IT Support services and will deliver integration work to connect our clients’ software systems into a seamless platform. We specialize in project management.

Professional Services | Technical Experience

The enablement and support of a paperless work environment is among the key areas of our focus. Telluy technologists have designed and led the implementation of billing software solutions. We provided project management services that resulted in the seamless integration of our client’s software environment.

We become subject matter experts  in our clients business-driven IT needs.

Telluy Specializations Summary

This Information Sheet provides a summary of the Specializations information in a format convenient for printing and sharing.