Telluy is an Atlanta-based provider of technology and support services.

Business Challenge | Picking The Right Firm

We are realists. Multiple firms in Atlanta provide services similar to ours. Determining which firm is the best fit is the first business challenge. Telluy presents our business and technical skills with open honesty. We understand we have to earn your business.

Technical Challenge | Determining Needs

If you are considering technology and support services, one of two conditions exists: there are problems with IT, or there is a curiosity about how we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT functions. This site page focuses on the five-star areas of improvement we deliver to clients.

We provide four categories of  services. IT Support is the foundation.


IT Support

Our IT Support Services are also referred to as “Managed IT Services”. Examples of these services include help desk support, infrastructure management, and executive IT consultation.


Telluy Projects provide specialized services that enable and extend IT effectiveness. Examples include network setup, software deployment, and remote connectivity.

Voice over IP

Our Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions are Fortune 500-grade. Hosted PBX is a complete business communications service that replaces traditional telephone company services.
Cloud Enab

Telluy Cloud

The Telluy Cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We specialize in Office 365, enabling high-speed Cloud file sharing, and cloud-based backup and recovery.

Telluy IT professionals can make site visits. This ensures we provide personalized service.


We are not “pushy” salespeople. We are business-technologists who collaboratively work with our prospective clients. Our first focus is to define the services that will be of best-fit our prospective clients. This work can be completed in a matter of days.

Industries of All Types

All of Telluy’s contracts include (Managed Services) IT Support. Depending on client needs, dialogs covering Projects, Voice over IP, and Cloud enablement then occur. Telluy provides these services cafeteria-style so our clients get what is needed and without extra added.

Example Industries


Telluy’s Engineering sector clients are often focused on high-speed file sharing. We are experts in enabling the rapid movement of data across IT platforms.


Our Construction sector clients often have field device computing needs. Telluy engineers are experts in enabling remote devices and work-from-home employees.

Financial Services

Telluy’s Financial Services clients count on us to keep their information secure. We are experts at deploying IT infrastructure securely.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services clients have asked us to integrate software platforms. Telluy engineers are experts in software platform deployment and integration.

We are flexible in working after-hours  and outside of contracted support times.

Effective IT Means It All Works Together

Today’s firms rely on a complex weave of technology. There are workstations, servers, networks, remote devices, and other IT infrastructure that has to operate correctly every day. When just one component fails, business problems of substantial nature may occur.

Telluy weaves technology together to provide a unified, effective IT platform. In combination with end-user assistance and help desk services, we increase the value of a firm’s IT platform. Our clients depend on us to make sure their technology is a firm asset, not a liability.

Telluy hires locally. Our clients will not be calling a help desk located in another city.

IT Efficiency Improvements Matter

How a firm’s staff uses technology is as important in achieving IT success as the actual infrastructure. For example, there are potential risks related to security protocols not being followed. A lack of end-user proficiency with their computers can cost companies employee time and money.

Our end-user assistance and IT Help Desk support services are designed to specifically enable the firm’s employees to get the most out of their computing equipment. We are security hawks and make sure our clients’ IT infrastructure is monitored and protected 24x7.

We are business-technologists. Our team understands how to work within budgets.

IT Investments Must Produce Results

Investments in IT are necessary, but no company wants to spend money needlessly. Inefficient IT operations can cost companies money both at the equipment procurement layer and through lost workforce time. We understand the goal is to spend the right amount of money and no extra.

Telluy pays attention to the financial side of IT. We provide support contracts that feature fixed, predictable costs. Our projects are kept lean. Telluy technologies are implemented to increase Return on Investment and not expend money just for technology’s sake.

Telluy has a technical CEO. He provides  executive-level technology perspectives.

Advanced IT | Competitive Advantage

Some firms choose to linger in the past with technologies that are outdated, ineffective, and inefficient. There are exciting opportunities with advanced technologies, including Voice over IP, Cloud usage, high-speed networks, and remote workforce enablement.

We are experts in the advanced technologies that are proven best-fits for small to medium-sized businesses. Yet, we bring only reliable technologies to the table for consideration. Consistently, our focus is to deliver competitive a advantage driven by leading-edge IT.

Our firm is growing and successful. The reason why is that we provide superlative services.

Telluy Specializations Summary

This Information Sheet summarizes the benefits of working with Telluy and the steps in which projects are defined and started.